What’s OCAx?

OCAx is software. It has been designed as a tool to help audit a local administration.


OCAx are the initials for Observatori Ciutadà de la Administració (x). And that translates to Citizens’ Observatory of the Administration (x). (x) because we’ve tried to programme OCAx so it can be used to audit any administration, anywhere.

What is it used for?

· Audit any public administration
· Keep in check policies and spenditure
· Share knowledge and empower people

What features does?

· Flexible budget format
· Coherent enquiry management
· E-mail and RSS subscriptions
· Archive repository

OCAx gives us a way to interact with our Administration publicly and share the process with all citizens. It is a place to learn, share and battle for the right to information in the most transparent manner possible.


OCAx also incorporates a space to visualize the budgets of your administration via pir and bar graphs. These graphs display our administration’s income and spenditure by classification: initial data, budgetary modifications, trimester executions and the ability to compare budgets across different years.

OCAx Manual


All users can formulate enquiries and follow their progress. The people actively involved in the observatory however, will have one or more assigned profiles or responsibilities. Each user’s homepage indexes their assigned functions. It is important that all profiles are covered by at least one user if your observatory is to work properly.


Download the software and install it on your server. Remember that this only needs to be done once and if you need help, just ask in the Agora. It’s not that complicated for someone that has some basic web programming knowledge.